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AAH! Reel Monsters: Kathleen Elise

If the throwing of rotten fruit ceases for long enough, this might become a regular post, so get in touch if you want to contribute.

The first part comes from my very own loco en yanko girlfriend as she attempts to determine her five favourite Audio Antihero recordings (whatever happened to 'seen and not heard', eh?). We met through this stupid label of mine, so I suppose it's only fair.

Regardless, like a gentleman, I present you with...

KATHLEEN ELISE's Top 5 Audio Antihero Songs

Mr & Mrs Audio Antihero: Not an open relationship.

Top 5 Audio Antihero Songs

Because he sometimes makes bad decisions, Audio Antihero bossman and king Jamie agreed to give me free rein to write an article on my Top 5 Audio Antihero Songs.

1. Nosferatu D2 – 2 People, 0 Superpowers

It is incredibly hard to pick only one song on the masterpiece that is
Nosferatu D2’s debut. There are a few reasons why this album is incredibly important to me: thanks to a blog post penned by Gareth of Los Campesinos! in 2009, it indirectly introduced me to Jamie, it led me to discovering the other AAH artists I now love and it taught me that Burt Bacharach is actually not an actor, but some sort of musician or something, I guess. I chose this song over the others largely because it includes some of my favorite lyrics: ‘…so let’s sit down, talk about it, that’s enough. Let’s go outside and feel alone.’ It’s a succinct and eerily accurate depiction of the countless futile conversations you try to have until you finally just give up. It’s times like that when you should listen to Nosferatu D2.

2. Benjamin Shaw – Somewhere Over the M6

Pretty decisively my favorite Benjamin Shaw song, and unfortunately one I’ll probably never hear live. It includes another set of lyrics of which I’m very fond: ‘I dream about you nightly, on a moped I arrive and we kiss without using our eyes.’ Ben is a monster of a songwriter within a mouse of a performer, and I mean that in the kindest of ways. I’ve been fascinated by Ben for a long time, which is probably why I still can’t manage to hold a proper conversation with the man. Sorry, Ben!

3. Jack Hayter – I Stole the Cutty Sark

Another hands-down favorite. It is beastly. The first night I heard Jack play this song was a night of other firsts as well, including the first (and only) time I heard Jamie shout for a room full of people to ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’ Good times.

4. Fighting Kites – Cat is Egg

I own three copies of the Fighting Kites/Broken Shoulder split. I don’t have a very good reason for this other than that it’s one of the most kickass CDs, ever. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen Fighting Kites perform more than any other AAH artist, and every show was awesome. I was lucky enough to make it to FK’s last pre-hiatus show, but I’m still so bummed they won’t be playing together anymore.

5. Wartgore Hellsnicker – C+F = POW

I’ve never known the glory of seeing Wartgore live, but I can at least live vicariously through their EP and Jamie, who won’t shut up about how incredible they are. This song in particular makes me want to yell and jump around a lot. I would keep writing things, but Wartgore Paul needs me to go stomp around the room.

So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth.

Kathleen has also contributed a "LOOK AT ME, I OWN RECORDS!", interviewed me for WVUM Radio, works in a record shop and she also writes for a variety of music and cultures sites that I won't name as I want her to pretend she isn't my girlfriend and give AAH stuff really good reviews on them. She does these things BECAUSE SHE'S INTERESTING.

Thanks & Never Say DIY! Hope to see some of your contributions.

Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

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