Friday, 14 May 2010

Benjamin Shaw #6 - Internet Girlfriend ('90s Rock Edition)

What's more than five but less than seven? Six.

If you recall yesterday's Lemonhead influenced post, this one might tickle you. Something of an 'exclusive' too.

Today's free Benjamin Shaw song is "Internet Girlfriend" - but it's actually a bit of a two for one special.

Benjamin Shaw has put together a rocked up (in the '90s way) edition of this old favourite (originally on the 'There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet" demo) - which you can download HERE.

The original "Internet Girlfriend" lives a life of free downloadability on Benjamin's website - HERE.

Have a look at Benjamin Shaw's website -

Tomorrow is the end, and it's a little taste of the future...

Never Say DIY,
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

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