Saturday, 15 May 2010

Benjamin Shaw #7 - "Interview"

"And if God is seven..."

Here we have the final day of this wonderful week of free Benjamin Shaw songs. But we're ending it on a (miserable) high.

Here's our final free Benjamin Shaw song (for now) - Interview (and you can download it HERE).

"Interview" was recorded for The Ten Minute Project on Facebook. As the title might suggest, the artists are given ten minutes to write and record a piece and submit it to the site. Getting right to the root of an artists creativity, giving them no time to improve on or ruin a good idea.

The result is a painfully raw piece of lo-fi, that I absolutely love. Apparently it could be something he's re-working for the next album.

The song has the 'fear of London' and frailty of the "I Got the Pox, the Pox is what I Got" - but it has a different approach, one I cant wait to see fully fleshed out and explored on a new set of recordings. It makes me sad though.

Trivia Buffs: Benjamin Shaw actually did have an interview the next day.

That brings this lot to a close. You've had outtakes, stand out demos, tatty bedroom recordings, '90s rock remixes and a wee peak at the future. I hope you enjoyed them.

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Although this is the end of the Benjamin Shaw-A-Tho, there'll be a little something else tomorrow. So, do check back.

Enjoy & Never Say DIY,
Jamie - Audio Antihero

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