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Look At Me, I Own Records! #6

IT'S BACK! A MANFAN CALLED GEORGE WALTON HAS STEPPED UP. George has been liking Nosferatu D2 on the internet since 2009 and now he's here to let his voice be heard. He was also man enough to not fall for that 'zomg jewel cases are so ugly now that forums don't like dem' JIVE.

Here we go again with "Look At Me, I Own Records!"

Okay so I have no idea why I am doing this as I am not notable in any way what-so-ever but I would never miss an opportunity to indoctrinate the world on my music taste and show off just how cool I am so here we are. I should point out though that being young and poor, I only own CDs and don’t really own any rarities or anything and hence probably don’t count as a Proper Music Fan or something. I am holding out for the day when they become retro and everybody loves me. Also, I couldn’t find anyone who would lend me a camera so here are lots of pictures of jewel cases in their full webcam glory:

First Album I Bought

Monty Python – Monty Python Sings

I think I heard ‘Always Look On the Bright Side of Life’ on TOTP2 once before I’d ever seen any of the sketches/films and obviously liked it. So off I went, down to Pendulum Records (which I kind of miss even though it was awful, everything was overpriced and they never had anything you wanted) and ordered this. I dutifully learnt all the words and sang along, completely oblivious to the meaning of such ditties as ‘Sit On My Face’ (I understood ‘The Penis Song’ though) until a few years later when the first Gorillaz album came out and I just had Clint Eastwood on repeat instead.

Favourite Album (On the Day of Writing)

The Replacements – Let It Be

The Replacements are pretty much my favourite thing ever and although I love Hootenanny massively too, this just takes the lead. I discovered this album aged 17 and I remember being completely amazed at how well it captured all those ridiculous teenage emotions and although I’d like to think I have matured slightly since then (I am sure you all still consider me a whippersnapper or whatever), it still seems to speak to me in ways that I can never quite explain (this sentence is far too long but I care not). It saddens me a little that one day I will probably look back at these albums and think how immature they all sound.
P.S. This being a reissue, it has a load of bonus tracks on it. The great part about being a Replacements fan is the amount of non-album material they had that easily stood up to their best work (this probably says more about the amount of effort they put into their actual records than anything else though).

Best Cover

David Bowie – Low

Maybe it’s not the best cover ever or anything but I really like it. It’s taken from the Man Who Fell to Earth, which is an amazing film and not nearly enough people have seen it. That is all.

Worst Cover

Miles Davis – On the Corner

I mean I have some ‘90s rap albums with pretty horrendous covers and often reggae reissues come with utterly naff packaging but I don’t think I own an album that I am more embarrassed to get out in front of people than this. I mean, it would be fine if I had a lot of friends who liked atonal funk or were knowledgeable about ‘70s Miles but I don’t and even if I did, it’s hardly conducive to conversation. I honestly still don’t know how I feel about the music inside but still, you’ve gotta admire the guy for trying to sell out with this.

Album with the Longest Anecdote Attached

Oliver Nelson – Screamin’ the Blues

I can’t quite remember why but around 15/16, I decided I needed to expand my music knowledge and so one evening I decided to go onto a couple of genre-specific forums and ask for recommendations. Being young and obnoxious, I mostly disregarded all these peoples’ opinions and decided to keep listening to Metallica because I wanted to fight against the system or something. Anyway, a few weeks later I got an email from a woman saying that she’d seen my post on a jazz forum and said she had some albums she wanted to send me. Apparently her husband had recently died and had always loved jazz and stuff and since she didn’t like any of it much, it seemed a good idea to try and pass it onto to a new generation. Somehow this touched my self-obsessed teenage heart and a few days later I received this and Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue. Now while the Miles seemed dull and slow at the time, this appealed to me and so off I went, searching for more... I have no idea who that woman was but this seems like a good opportunity to thank her for introducing me to a fuckload of great music. I think that’s enough sentimentality for one day.

(Editor's note: when I die, likely young - I hope someone will do that to my records too. How lovely. And tragic)

Biggest Mistake Buy (That I Can Still Find)

Tony Allen – Lagos No Shaking

I don’t actually have too many of these as I rarely buy an album without having at least seen a few reviews but there are always exceptions. I bought this one by Tony Allen based on his consistently amazing drumming on Fela Kuti’s records and although the cover is awful, it had some convincingly African-sounding song titles. I haven’t listened to it for ages but I seem to remember it mostly consisted of really rubbish funk with some added congas. I may listen to it again one day and it might be amazing but I am in no hurry when I can just listen to more Fela. I also have an awful Steely Dan album somewhere but I remember liking that once.

(Editor's Note: Ben Parker of Nosferatu D2 once went to see Nearly Dan. "And every band I've ever loved has let me down eventually...")

Most Recent Purchases

Shackleton – Fabric.55

James Blake – James Blake

Being young and poor, I never have enough money to buy all the albums I want but I got these about a month ago on a trip to Rockaboom in Leicester. I have no idea how Leicester can sustain an independent record store but never mind. The Shackleton is sort of terrifying and although I know it’s great, I haven’t listened much as I think you need to be in a certain mood to appreciate 74 minutes of sub, conga loops and spoken word samples. I think the internet might implode if anyone else gives their opinion on James Blake so all I’ll say is I like some of it.

P.S. I wrote this all a while back and since then, I’ve picked up the J Mascis solo album (which is great), some Burning Spear and an I-Roy record I don’t like much…

Last Record I Fell In Love With

How to Dress Well – Love Remains

An album of lo-fi, distortion-filled ambient RnB doesn’t sound like the best idea but somehow this works. I have given up trying to describe it though as I can never make it sound as good as it is.

Most Likely to Offend My Parents

Genius/GZA – Liquid Swords

There are more offensive albums by a long way but I’m pretty sure the combination of cheesy kung fu movie samples and GZA’s raps would irritate them quite a bit. I think if I looked harder, I could find something they’re hate more but I don’t really like going through my music thinking about it from someone else’s viewpoint as it feels a bit like attacking myself from the inside.

Most Irritating Packaging

Young Marble Giants – Colossal Youth & Collected Works


Obligatory Preaching to the Converted/Brown Nosing

Nosferatu D2 – We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On to Block Out the Noise

I don’t really need to say anything about this, do I?

I refuse to reread this as I always hate everything I write so please don’t come and murder me if it’s filled with typos or ill-informed opinions.

Thanks George, I think you're dynamite in a kinder egg.

If you want to contribute to this series then get in touch at info @ audioantihero . com

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  1. Another truly fine edition. I know exactly how you feel about On The Corner, I decided I absolutely hate it quite recently, so I guess in 10 years Ill love it.