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LOOK AT ME, I OWN RECORDS! #10 - Hamish Rankine


Hello! I’m Hamish. I’m 21 and I do university in Exeter but I just did a year living just outside Madrid. I’ve been a ‘fan of music’ (i.e., finding my own) since I was maybe 11. I first came across Audio Antihero when I downloaded Nosferatu D2’s ‘It’s Christmas Time (For God’s Sake)’ for free two Christmases ago.

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while now, and now, after over a month of doing nothing in Somerset, I’ve finally found the time.

First Record

Warning by Green Day

I did love Green Day a lot. And Warning had some fantastic songs on it. It all went downhill with American Idiot, as everyone says. I won’t go into why that is, as it’s pretty common knowledge. So I choose to remember them by Warning.

Most Expensive Record(s)

In Rainbows and The King of Limbs by Radiohead

I paid £2.50 for the pay-what-you want download of In Rainbows, but then I got a weekend job for a month or so, so with my newfound wealth, I splashed out £40 on the discbox version. No regrets at all. I love the album, and the whole package was 100% worth it.

Then, when The King of Limbs was announced, because I still had quite a lot of money left from my Erasmus grant (which was meant to help alleviate the expensiveness of living in Spain), I decided again to go for the (£30) special edition. Again, totally worth it. Also, on the day that the album was released in record shops, I was in Madrid, so I popped into Espacio Ufi, where they were giving out copies of the Universal Sigh newspaper, which is translated into Spanish.

The Record That Got Me into Real Music

OK Computer by Radiohead

I know a lot of people go on about how great OK Computer is, but they’ve good reason to do so. I bought it for £4.97 in Woolworth’s back in 2005 or 2006 after it was voted the Best Album Ever in Q magazine. On the first listen I didn’t understand it at all, and didn’t like it, but the second time ‘round, it hit me, and I’ve been obsessed with Radiohead ever since (see the whole ‘spending-£70-on-two-records’ thing above). It also made me realise the joys of more complex music (until then, The Libertines had been my musical deities).

Obligatory Audio Antihero Records

We’re Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise by Nosferatu D2, Sucky Tart by Jack Hayter and I Got The Pox, The Pox Is What I Got by Benjamin Shaw

I’m not simply including these from a sense of duty to AAH, I do genuinely love these records (although I still need to properly listen to Mr. Shaw’s record).

I first started talking to Jamie over Twitter after mentioning how my timing of buying Nosferatu D2’s album may not have been ideal (in short, the weekend that I bought it, I knew I was going to be rather down, as the girl with whom I was/am in love with’s boyfriend was visiting, and as great as the band are, their songs, for the most part, aren’t terribly uplifting). However, I survived the bad timing, and grew to love the album.

I discovered the other artists purely through Jamie’s tweeting about them, for which I’m eternally grateful! (Also, on a side note, the Nosferatu D2 album recently had its negative romantic associations with said girl reaffirmed, as I had to use it to drown out amorous sounds of her and her boyf when I went to visit her. Not fun. Still a great album though!)

(Editor/Profiteer's note: all these fine records are available from Bandcamp)

Most Personal

There Are Listed Buildings 7” by Los Campesinos!

I went to see Los Campesinos! in Exeter back in 2009, and after the show I got talking to Gareth. I wanted to talk to him because a) he’s one of my favourite lyricists, and b) a friend of mine had told me he went to a school just down the road from me. It turns out that, at the time, he still lived in the same town, about ten minutes from my house, so we talked about the pros and cons (mainly cons) of Somerset living, then he signed my single “Hamish, cheers dude, keep it ‘Compton [the village where I live is called Chilcompton], love Gareth x”

Best Support Act-Turned-Favourite-Singer

Tear Jerky by Sparky Deathcap

I saw Sparky Deathcap supporting Los Campesinos! in Exeter (the time I talked to Gareth), and his songs instantly clicked for me. I (almost) instantly went home and bought his EP, and never looked back. It just feels like something special every time I listen to it, like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I’d happily injure several people in order to be able to write lyrics and music as good as his. Not to mention the artwork. The EP came with a small fanzine of cartoons done by Rob (Sparky Deathcap) himself, which are genuinely hilarious (you can see them on his website: http://www.tearjerky.co.uk/)

Best Artwork/Overall Packaging etc.

We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed by Los Campesinos!

This album helped me through first year of university when I was a bit of a grumpy/miserable prick (not that I’ve stopped being like that!)

The whole deal of the album is grand as well; the actual album, a poster, a booklet of lyrics and contributions by their (famous/arty) friends, and two badges (which I sadly lost. I had them on a denim jacket, which I wore on a night out in Madrid. My friend insisted that I needn’t put it in the cloakroom, so I put it in her bag, and it was lost between getting in and getting to the bar. I also lost all but one of my AAH badges that night. I still have my Nosferatu D2 album cover badge though.)

An Album with My Name in It!

The Bachelor by Patrick Wolf

I don’t know if you know about this album, but basically he funded it my asking fans for donations. I contributed, and thus got my name in the list of people! Which is exciting. It’s also signed, and thus adds to my list of signed records. I first listened to Patrick Wolf when an ex-girlfriend lent me her sister’s copy of Wind In The Wires, after which I was quite hooked. I somehow managed to find a copy of The Magic Position in Woolworth’s as well, which I was pretty chuffed about.

Artist I won’t stop banging on about

Yann Tiersen

Seriously, I just won’t shut up about how great he is. Put me near a speaker system, and I’ll put his new album on, even at my brother’s house, hanging out with his psytrance loving friends and The Teknoist (who is apparently a world famous breakcore producer). I just think everyone needs to hear it. I, like most people I’d imagine, first encountered his work as part of the soundtrack for Amélie. After seeing him live, which was a slightly odd and disappointing experience, I got into even more of his work, and now I just can’t stop listening to it. His new album, Dust Lane, in particular seems to be addictive. In contrast to his earlier work, which is a blend of classical and folk, the new songs build up layers of acoustic and electronic instruments, along with choirs, to create beautiful soundscapes. Christ, this sections gone all un-eloquent, but I can’t help gushing when I’m talking about how great it all is. In conclusion: go and download or get the CD of Dust Lane. You won’t regret it. And then get this record (Le phare).

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