Sunday, 1 January 2012

JANUARY SALES: Buy 1 Get 1 Free & 15% Discount - *ENDED*

We at Audio Antihero are enjoying all the dignity of a 'we honestly didn't blow all our money last year and now need to desperately recoup some' January sale...

Firstly, if you buy one of the following CD EPs you can get a second of your choice for free, just let me know which one you want in the check-out notes or an e-mail.

"There’s not a weak moment here which can only set the impetus for a long-player, please Mr Hayter, please, please, break your heart some more for us, you loveable, fantastic, exquisite balladeer - 5/5. - Is This Music?

"With his gravelly, Nick Cave vocal and links to the world of antifolk, we're big fans of Paul Hawkins here at Clash HQ. And with the release of his new EP, The Wrong Life, he's pulled a blinder." - CLASH Music

And you can get 15% off the rest of our catalogue in our web-shop by using this discount code at check-out: "suckypoxcity" - visit bandcamp for this discount on releases from Benjamin Shaw (including his incredible "It's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet" album), Nosferatu D2 (classic debut), Broken Shoulder (exquisite noise solo debut) and Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences (new single, frantic!).


Never Say BUY!
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