Sunday, 12 February 2012

LOOK AT ME, I OWN RECORDS! #13 - Benjamin Shaw

Audio Antihero's goldenboy Benjamin Shaw has stepped up to offer his 'Look At Me, I Own Records!' spectacular. His instability is perhaps apparent from his writings but his choice of records is very quaint. Lucky number 13, no less.

Benjamin Shaw's debut LP "There's Always Hope, There's Always Cabernet" is out now:

First album.

Very early on, I was deep into Michael Jackson, but the first music I bought with my own money was a Motorhead 'best of' on tape from Woolworths. A departure, really. I was 11 or 12 and despite liking the skull with tusks emblem, I didn't quite get it, and lapsed straight into a Bon Jovi binge that lasted longer than I like to admit. I don't have any photos, as most of the records from the first 20 years of my life are in boxes under my brother's bed. A special place reserved for Bon Jovi. I always wanted to be Tico.

Best concept album.

An obvious choice I know, but I am with Alan Partridge on this one. I first heard ELO when I was illegally downloading badly tagged mp3s from Napster of the old days, and Mr Blue Sky was included in an otherwise forgettable Oasis album. My wife and I played that song a lot while we were courting, and we eventually had it played at our wedding. Still gives me a wee tingle now.

Coolest sleeve..

It's pretty good isn't it. My favourite Elton John record probably. As someone who grew up only knowing the funny round man in a wig singing about bastard lions or careless drivers, it was nice to discover that he was actually quite something in his day. Lovely gatefold sleeve with a little cornflakes box type flap too.

Most homemade...

This christmas compilation came free with a CD I bought from 442 Records, a label from Sydney, Australia. The CD I actually bought was the first EP by Lessons in Time, a wonderful wee thing full of odd samples and tiny melodies. Both CD sleeves are stitched with thread and then coloured in with crayons, I guess making them one of a kind. I lent the Lessons in Time CD to Jamie of Audio Antihero once and he lost it. I think he thinks I've forgotten about it. I still have this Xmas compilation that came with it though, I suppose.

Best band name

It's obviously no Wartgore Hellsnicker, but I think it's clear where Wartgore got their inspiration. Party band? Check. Numerous revolving members? Check. Ludicrous name? Why, check. As the point of these blogs is to show off, I should say that I bought this in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have been abroad.

The best album ever.


A nice memory.

Back when I was young, optomistic, in love and in Australia, I worked on a carousel in a zoo. Probably the nicest time in my life. There was a selection of CDs we could play on the ride, and there was a Country compilation I would always gravitate to. Featured on it was Don't it Make my Brown Eyes Blue, by Crystal Gayle. Fittingly now, the piano intro does indeed turn my eyes blue.

Thanks Benjamin, you're mega!

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  1. Where's Ben's Lessons In Time CD Jamie ?

    1. I swear I gave it back. I also offered to replace it. I will not be villified.

    2. And he didn't think to include the lovely Sparklehorse and Frank Sinatra LPs I got him. Benjamin Flaw.