Friday, 30 March 2012

USA! USA! USA! - Audio Antihero in Miami: Part.3


I'm still in America. I haven't seen any bands since I got here as the only band I've wanted to see has been Bush (shhhh) and they were playing five hours away and opening for Nickelback...and Seether (or was it Saliva?).

But I have bought a lot of music and spent a lot of time in a Miami record shop called Sweat Records... It is probably my favourite record shop and I would like to take it back to London with me. But you wouldn't treat it right, you Limey fuckers.





The only shop in the world still trading in "Spawn" VHS:

Mr 1977 and Miami resident:

My best find...WITCHKILLER:

I ate this once. It's a tiny cold pizza that you create with your hands and feel no less hungry after eating:

This is better than fried chicken. It's Stephen Colbert ice cream. Smart American people like Colbert:

But yeah. I had hoped that I would have actually come across something worth blogging about in the USA other than me being happier than most people are right now...but I really have just bought records, swum and eaten badly.

Maybe next week will offer something more profound? Or maybe I'll be talking about meeting Stevie Richards and going to Wrestlemania.

Thanks & Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

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