Wednesday, 9 May 2012

USA! USA! USA! - Audio Antihero in Miami: Part.6

I'm still in America. Mere weeks to go...what have I been getting up to? Look at the below photo. What does that say to you? Complete Fucking Domination. Florida owned! Miami sold!
("We're Takin' Over")

American Birthday! 25 years young! 'Jamie Thanksgiving' they called it.
(The hat takes years off. I got a Tad album and a Twin Peaks t-shirt) 

Pi├▒ata! You don't get these in Sydenham. Tories banned them.
(The Flava Flav clock was not battle tested, a huge hindrance to my swing)

FIRST...I returned to the swamp...
(I'm wearing this guy on my feet now)


(Looking thinner on top than ever...) 

Then I conquered the Universe.
 (and its studios)

 But I was bested by Cracker Barrel's strange not-golf game.
 (The newspapers sold outside were Southern and afraid of Obama and the internet)

 I'll miss this Dog.
(I'll miss Yanksville)

I'll miss this Fox.
(and still the Dog)

Soon I won't be sharing my glorified Holiday snaps with you. Soon I'll be taking releasing faux-folk records seriously again. Soon I'll be miserable again. Soon I'll be a Londoner again...but once, I was mighty.

Tomorrow? New York City!

Thanks & Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide and fleeting immigration

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