Saturday, 9 June 2012

AAH! Reel Monsters: Joerg Haeske

AAH! Reel Monsters returns! This time courtesy of photographer and part-time pen-pal Joerge Haeske.

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1. Benjamin Shaw : 'When I Fell Over In The City’

Man, that was a bitch to choose my favourite song from my what is still my favourite AAH  and Benjamin Shaw release (it’s the first records by an artist you love most most of the time, isn’t it). I virtually could’ve chosen any track on this EP, but I settled on this one as it was the first Benjamin Shaw song I heard over at Myspace in 2009 (see, it wasn’t all bad) and the fact it sounds like a speeded up British version of a collaboration between Jonathan Richman and what is in my opinion Australia’s (make that the world’s) most underappreciated Folk-Pop hero and wordsmith Darren Hanlon.

2. Jack Hayter : 'Jacquie I Won’t Mind’

Again, difficult to choose my favourite song, but as I assume‚ 'I Stole The Cutty Sark’ is the obvious selection of most people (it’s such a hit), I chose to go with this one – if only for it’s sheer folky loveliness and stripped down arrangement of an acoustic guitar, a harmonica and not much else. Plus it’s a top song, naturally.

3. Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences : 'Gomorrah'

This one was quite easy to choose, there’s a few more excellent tracks on the ‚The Wrong Life’-EP 'The Finest Cherry’ and 'Of Course I Stole The Train’ are pretty cool too (I love songs about trains, so perhaps I should have chosen the latter), but 'Gomorrah’ is by far the best track on the EP for me, as it 1. it reminds me of the Go-Betweens
2. has got some lovely faintly country-ish guitar work
3. sounds a tad melancholic  – all of which aren’t bad things in my book, so there you have it.

4. Fighting Kites : 'Fr..’

The Fighting Kites’ tracks on the split-EP with Broken Shoulder remind me of a time when I was much younger, living in London and listening to a lot of bands on Polyvinyl Records (none of which applies to my current life, although I probably should/be again), such as Joan Of Arc, Rainer Maria and Aloha, queer rhythms,  inventive guitar work and all the post-rocking rest.

5. Benjamin Shaw : 'Home’

Tough to decide between that one, and 'How To Test...’ from an album that sometimes veers a little bit too much into noisy territory for my tastes, so both songs are obviously my favourites as the’re rather straight. I decided on 'Home’ eventually as I adore its leisurely tempo and the slow build up of the arrangement into a tiny bit of noise which fades into a sweet guitar melody at the end. Plus, I’m always one for staying home myself. On the other hand, the line "And you shouldn’t blame it all on David Cameron even if he’s vile" was bound to tip the favour in 'How to Test...’, hell, I don’t know, I love  ’em both. Wait, maybe 'The Birds Chirp...’ is my favourite after all, aaagh, I can’t decide.

G’Day to you.

You might like to know that Joerg has set a number of his photos to the backing of Paul Hawkins & The Awkward Silences' "Gomorroah":

Gomorrah from building in landscape on Vimeo.

Thanks & Never Say DIY!

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