Thursday, 30 August 2012

Nosferatu D2 retrospective on BBC/PRI's 'The World'

So because we are the best, myself and Ben Parker of Nosferatu D2 were summoned to the BBC to record interviews for a short Nosferatu D2 retrospective story to feature in the August 30th Edition of "The World" - which is a super awesome North American show which deals with things way more important than us and the records we release.

If you'd like to stream/download it then you can do so below:

You can hear the fear in my voice.

The album, as ever, is available for sale from Bandcamp or iTunes or Amazon or some shops or wherever.

I'm honestly so delighted that this happened, I never expected that one of our releases would get "remembered" like this...but for it to happen twice is unbelievable. So, thank you to Tom Robinson for featuring us on his show back in 2011 and thanks to Brendan Mattox and all at 'The World' for arranging this.

And thanks to the ND2 faithful!

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