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AAH! Reel Monsters: Lee Adcock (Goldflakepaint/Soundscape Memoirs)

Haha. Nobody likes us. Nobody but Lee. This is another revived 'regular' (lol) feature on Audio Antihero's Online Antihero blog, where our millions (AND MILLIONS!) of fans are given the exciting opportunity to name their favourite five AAH catalogue superhits. Lee is cool, she buys our records and she writes for GoldFlakePaint and Soundscape Memoirs. She's also the cruiserweight champion of Peru.

Hello, everyone! Looks like it’s time once again for me to save another neglected feature on Online Antihero. Now, as I’ve mentioned before, I came late to the happy AAH family – just last October, to be precise. But I’ve accrued many, many records since then…and though I haven’t personally met any of these artists, they have been my companions and confidants in my loneliest hours. Choosing five tracks from such a wealth of material seemed a daunting task, but these came to me almost in an instant. Weird. Anywho, here they are, and in no particular order:

1. Jack Hayter – Charlotte Badger
I regret SO MUCH that I only caught on to Jack Hayter’s subscription series at the tail end of its run. By the time I had subscribed, eight singles were already out, leaving only four more to await. Still, what wondrous months they were. Now, choosing a favorite out of the 24 tracks in the series is no easy feat – but I do adore this single. So much. I want to sail away on that good ship Venus with ‘em whenever I hear it. Beautiful cover, too.

2. Broken Shoulder - Shark Island
Imagine that you’re driving at night. It’s raining. The street shines from the glare of passing headlights and lighted buildings. You’ve never been comfortable with nocturnal driving, and the slippery roads aren’t much comfort. But you have your tiny iPod with you, and Broken Shoulder’s “Shark Island” is coaxing your ears. Somehow, Neil has truly crafted a private hideaway in this track, as distant from your life as the coast of Java, yet closer than you’d ever realize. And so, beatified by “Shark Island”, you swim through the stormy night, serene and above your petty scruples.

OK – substitute all the “you”s for “I”s and “me”s. That’s why I picked this one.

3. Paul Hawkins & The(e) Awkward Silences – Johnny
“I want my liver back, Johnny…I’m at the first step, Johnny…”

This one was my favorite off the Wrong Life EP. Delicious, glorious B-movie horror, replete with harrowing suspense and unpleasant ending. As only Paul could render it, of course. Ahh…that man is truly a cult idol.

4. Wartgore Hellsnicker – The Bear
No offense to any of the other artists on that Some.Alternate.Universe compilation, but…this is the BEST THING. I fall into fits of ecstasy every time I spin this one. I mean, you’ve got gobs of noise, that “I’LL RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF!” chorus, and those mighty clarinet solos…what’s not to love? This is not to disregard the Moderate Rock EP, mind you – indeed, “Karl vs. Groucho” converted me into a raving fan instantly – but I just can’t exaggerate how awesome this track is.

5. Benjamin Shaw – The Birds Chirp And The Sun Shines
Ben, you make me cry. Yes, you do. On this track, in particular. This is, I’ll admit, also the very first Shaw song I’d ever heard, off that very dear Wrong Rock Show episode from December when Jamie had his own guest spot. And – I don’t know, man. Whenever I hear that line – “And from now on I want every day the same” – I still have to choke a sob. Is every day going to be the same somewhere in the future? Are we all doomed to some wholly contained, mundane existence? Ahh! It’s almost worse than death to think about. But you know what? Very, very few songs these days have that sort of power over me. Except for this one. Kudos, Ben.

Apologies are due to Nosferatu D2, who unfortunately aren’t on this list. If I could’ve had six choices, you’d be RIGHT THERE under Shaw, dear Parkers. But, alas.

Thanks Lee!

Want more Lee action? She's started a Soundscape Memoirs Mixcloud Show, the first episode of which is up now for streaming and features some serious Jack Hayter action:

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