Sunday, 2 November 2014

Benjamin Shaw puts together a video for Uncle Rico's "Room"

Just a wee note to let you know that my man Benjamin Shaw has put together a nice video for this gorgeous new song by Uncle Rico, taken from the upcoming album "The Father, The Son & The Broken Dream" - which you can pre-order on Bandcamp here.

Like all Uncle Rico's previous work (Me and the Horse I Rode In On / Early To Bed), it's a pretty special album, which I think you'll enjoy.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Five Long Years of Audio Antihero (Free Compilation) / Halloween Spectacular


Firstly. Audio Antihero is five years old, thank you for everything. Download a free compilation by the name of "Five Long Years" and get some lovely discounts on the back catalogue and new releases using the code "fuckthisshit" -

Secondly, it's October. Halloween is nearly here - so I made this. I think it's pretty good. Stream and download within.