Friday, 3 January 2014

Audio Antihero's most enjoyed records of 2013 ("Best of the Year")

Hello friends,

Happy New Year. I nearly didn't do this because it's obviously not that important but if you're curious, it's here. This isn't really a "Best Albums of 2013" list as I didn't hear a whole lot of the albums that everybody is going crazy over - this is just a list of albums/EPs that I really really enjoyed this year. If you missed any of them then I recommend them, if you didn't miss any of them then maybe we should hang out? A/S/L?

Selections are in no particular order. And I haven't sneakily snuck Audio Antihero artists (past or present) in like I wanted to.

Los Campesinos! - NO BLUES (Turnstile)

Hop Along - Get Disowned (Big Scary Monsters)

Stagecoach - Say Hi To The Band (Alcopop!)

TunaBunny - Genius Fatigue (HHBTM Records)

 Various ArtistsPsychemagik Presents "Magik Sunrise" (Leng)

Alice BomanSkisser (Adrian Recordings)

Various ArtistsSong, By Toad Split Volume 2 / Beer Vs Records (Song, By Toad)

Sky LarkinMotto (Wichita)

Crash of Rhinos - Knots (Big Scary Monsters)

David Hess - The Last House On The Left [Re-Issue] (One Way Static)

Jetplane Landing - Don't Try (Small Town America)

Papernut Cambridge - Cambridge Nutflake (Gare du Nord)

Daft PunkRandom Access Memories (Columbia)

Mason Clinic - Prisoners (Bombshop)

Olympians - Adventure Gun (Barely Regal)

Gary Numan - Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind) [Mortal Records]

The Bordellos - Ronco Revival Sound (Daddy Tank)

David Lynch - The Big Dream (Sunday Best)

Galoshins - EP1 & EP2 (Armellodie)

Jon HopkinsImmunity (Domino)

Givan Lötz - SNARLING (Other Electricities)  
Marblemouth - Melodramas (Self Released)

Frog - Frog (Monkfish Records)

Trust Fund - Don't Let Them Begin (Reeks of Effort)  
Thanks for taking a look/listen, I know you don't really care :) I hope you bought something (but don't worry, I know how this works).

All of Audio Antihero's 2013 releases are available to buy now on the Audio Antihero Bandcamp (+ most are on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc).

Happy New Year. Never Say DIY!
Jamie - Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide

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